Sunday, December 15, 2013

Commision price sheet!

Hi,my name is Reiner, im a Graphic artist and a freelance illustrator,im a self-taught artist and i try to perfect my skills evry day,i am verry versatile and i can draw any character in any style ,comics,manga,cartoony,realism etc.
I work on my commisions in my free time but i give all my best on them cuz the are hard to make :),i stream on my Livestream channel "Reiner illustration" almoust evrry weekend so if you like my art and you want to see your favorite characters drawn in a way you like it but to be in his priginal style,commision me!!
 This is just a reper for my prices,they can vary on what you want ,how manny and how much are you willing to wait for it .

                                                               10$ sketch (full body)

                                                                   15$ colored sketch

                                             20$ lineart(full body)+10$(for evry aded character )

                                               30$ colored lineart +10$ (for evry character aded)
                                                           Flat, Cell shaded, Full shaded

                                                      40$ comic page : lineart-60$ colored

                                             40$ manga page : lineart-60$ colored(screentone)

If you want something from me just contact me at:

Sketch comic/manga page 20$

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