Thursday, January 21, 2016


Hi guys, so this is my new patreon special monthly pin up, this one took me like forever...and i still could put a lot more work in it but the commissions and my job are killing my time, hopefully in the future maybe with more supporters il be able to create more stuff like this.

Il make evrry month a new pin-up, i think i aproach a simple style on the future pin ups, but for this one i had in mind the same a bit simple style and the result was not so simple, hope u enjoy!!

The draw wil be sent next month to all my patrons.

1$ supporters wil get full res sfw

+5$ wil get full res sfw, nsfw and futa + the layered psd file(its a big one) and the chance starting next month to be participating on my Request Lottery.

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