Sunday, January 17, 2016

Venom - midnight fun

                                                                      page 9 preview

This is my new Venom comic, Midnight Night.the comic is 10 pages long +the cover with diffrent versions.
Genre - gay,yaoi,bara,superheroes,nsfw
Venom tryng to escape some cops enters in a striptease club, there he finds a man dancing, the man costumates in Wolverine and dance for Venom...after that the fun begins.
Next month i wil start sending pages from the comic to my patrons
1$ wil get high res jpegs
+5$ wil get high res jpegs, texted versions, no text version(clean) and lineart + diffrent versions of the cover.
the +5$ wil get the chance starting from next month to win a 2 characters max, colored sketch evrry month trough the Request Lottery

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